Flights and accomodation? Let us help you

Travel Assistance

We hope you are your looking forward to your travels to EduWeek and South Africa. To alleviate some of the stress of travelling by book flights, and accommodation, our partners are here to make your life simpler, so you can focus on business.

For flights and accommodation bookings, we have partnered with iccommodate to design your travel packages to South Africa. If you are only staying for EduWeek, we understand, but we must encourage you to take some time and see the beauty of South Africa.

*Note* Please do not share your personal details or banking details with companies you are not familiar with.  If you are not booking your travel with one of our service providers,  and are unsure of the company you are wanting to book with, please request us to validate first.

iccomodate website click here

For discounted rates on cabs and car hire click here

Discounted International flights through Emirates click here

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