The Programme

Following EduWeek 2017 we reached out to our visitors and asked them what they wanted to see in the programme at EduWeek 2018.

What did they say that we do well?

  • The breadth and variety of our talks from Early Childhood Development right through to Higher Education are excellent and provides real value to attend.
  • Because all our content is free, we attract key influencers who would otherwise not attend

This is what else we learned:

  • Visitors get excited when speakers engage with the audience, prompting discussion and debate
  • Attendees come to learn new techniques and skills, hands-on not hands-off
  • Too much of a good thing can be bad. Less sessions to choose from but still great quality

We listened and are excited to launch our new programme for 2018, which will take place across three distinct theatres delivering tailored content designed just for you.

See our full Programme Here!

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