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School Heritage – Rondebosch Boys High School

18 Sep 2017

Situated in the tranquil suburb of Rondebosch, Cape Town, nestled at the
foot of the majestic Table Mountain is one of South Africa’s oldest and most
outstanding boys’ public schools – Rondebosch Boys’ High School.
From a very simple beginning in 1897, the school has grown while
maintaining the strong traditions and ethos of high educational ideals that
guide and prepare young men to become the leaders of the future.
Our framework is that we are a public (Government) boys’ school that has a
strong tradition of excellent academic results and a rounded educational
experience which also includes opportunities to achieve at the highest level
in the sporting and cultural spheres. We are proud of all our Old Boys who
have made a contribution to society in their chosen careers and professions.
In recognition of Old Boy Allan Cormack (1979 Nobel Prize winner) the School
was awarded a Blue Plaque by the Simon van Der Stel Foundation for his
contribution to the development of the CAT Scan.
It is our vision that:
“The young men of Rondebosch are confident and able to pursue their
dreams. They are resilient and adaptable and equipped with the
academic, ethical and emotional competencies to effect significant and
lasting change in the world.

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