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National Development Plan

South Africa’s National Development Plan: A roadmap to inclusive and quality education

Day 1: 12 July

11h30 – 12h15: Your survival guide to CAPS Implementation in schools:

More on mapping CAPS:

  • How CAPS strengthens and streamlines the delivery of the national curriculum
  • Identifying available CAPS resources and how to tap into them
  • Measuring results and employing continuous improvement

12h45 – 13h30:

Further Education and Training:  Making graduates employable, creating a diverse work force and meeting the needs of the country’s economy

Speaker: Gizelle McIntyre, Executive Director, Institute of People Development

14h00 – 14h45: 

Understanding the role of government in preparing the next generation of academics as part of the NDP.

A closer look at:

  • nGap
  • Identifying capable scholars and academics
  • Balancing equity considerations
  • Achieving continuous improvement through employment strategies

15h15 – 16h00:

Expanding technology & innovation outputs: How provincial and local government are supporting technology roll out

16h15 – 17h00:

Enhancing teacher performance and professionalism through eradicating operational silos within the education system


NETWORKING COCKTAIL EVENING: Visitor Lunch Area, EduWeek Exhibition


EDUWEEK AWARDS GALA DINNER (Ticket holders only: Contact for more information)

Day 2: 13 July

11h00 – 11h40: 

Continuous Professional Development: All you need to know.

  • Aims and objectives of the CPD programme
  • Available courses
  • Future plans for the programme

12h05 – 12h45:

It’s not all plug and play: Supporting teachers in technology implementation, through up skilling and support strategies

This can be achieved by:

  • Ensuring schools employ continuous improvement strategies for teachers, through regular training updates

13h10 – 13h50:

Exploring the trajectory of girls in the education system, as well as how we can employ strategies to empower them.

14h15 – 14h55:

National Perspectives: Preventing marginalisation of students through empowering educators with effective and fair assessment methods


Event Closes