Education: Africa's path to a sustainable future

Event Theme

Education: Africa’s path to a sustainable future.

EduWeek Africa event held on the 12 – 13 July 2017, in Johnannesburg, South Africa was an event fully committed to sustainable development to ensure greater inclusion and access to quality education. For this reason,  free-to-attend conferences saw a greater focus on the Global Sustainability Goals and the National Development Plan. Africa’s role in achieving the Global goals and bridging the gaps in resource allocation is vital. Equally important is how South Africa’s NDP, in line with these sustainability goals, can provide a path to democratised education, long term transformation and ultimately education dedicated to the advancement of learners and teachers alike.

EduWeek Africa’s intention was to re-ignite the passion for learning and teaching by exploring latest advancements in technology and digital learning platforms, learning methodologies, pedagogy and assessment methods, while focusing on the holistic development of the learner and recognition of the individual, no matter their socio economic background or limited resources available. Conference sessions included cutting edge case studies and discussions from around the continent, representing public and private sectors, as well as international organisations, providing a holistic and comprehensive view of how we could overcome challenges in practical and sustainable ways.

The event aimed to support sector transformation through demonstrating best practice, information sharing and forming sustainable and symbiotic relationships, geared to enhance effective resource allocation and exchange within the industry. EduWeek Africa is a platform to connect with key players who share the vision to affect change on a policy level, as well as at grass roots, from early childhood through to higher education and beyond. We look forward to an inspiring and welcoming you to EduWeek Africa, as we explore education beyond borders and invest in the success of our future generations.