Meet our EduWeek Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board

As industry thought leaders in the education sector from across Africa, the members of the EduWeek Advisory Board have been selected by esteemed peers or have proactively come forward to share their knowledge in order to shape the content on offer at the leading education event on the continent.

The EduWeek Advisory Board is a cross section of the industry and offers expertise from Early Childhood Development through to Vocational & Higher Education, as well as Technology, the Environment and Sustainability.

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Professor Eric Atmore

Professor Eric Atmore Title: Director of the Centre for Early Childhood Development; Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Social Development of UCT Company: Centre for Early Childhood Development Sector/s: Early Childhood Development Eric was a member of major ECD policy development initiatives, including the National Education Policy Investigation and the South African Preschool Study, which contributed to the new government ECD policies. Eric wrote the 2006 national ECD guidelines for the Department of Social Development, and ECD policy for several municipalities. He is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Development at the University of Cape Town.

Dr Jaco Deacon

Dr Jaco Deacon Title: Deputy CEO Company: FEDSAS Sector/s: Basic Education Jaco Deacon is Deputy Chief Executive of FEDSAS (the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools) and trustee of the South African Educational Development Trust. He holds an LLB, LLM and a doctorate (LLD) in Labour Law and is an admitted attorney. Jaco is a research fellow at the University of the Free State and serves on the South African Council for Educators and n the Ethics Committee. He the Editor the Juta Education Law and Policy Handbook and he published a number of accredited journal articles.

Ms Jaye Richards-Hill

Ms Jaye Richards-Hill Title: Education Programme Manager Company: Microsoft Education Team Sector/s: E-Tech & Basic Education Jaye is the Founder and Managing Director of Tablet Academy Africa, part of the global Tablet Academy organization and supports national and regional governments across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India in transforming education in technology and device deployment programs in schools across the region. Jaye has nearly thirty years of experience in training and teaching, as a science teacher and as a learning community principal teacher involved in disseminating good practice on ICT in the classroom. She has worked at government level on projects, including the recent Operation Phakisa Education lab for the Office of the President in South Africa.

Mr Leonard Saul

Mr Leonard Saul Title: Chief Executive Officer Company: South African Congress for Early Childhood Development Sector/s: Early Childhood Development Senior Researcher at Human Sciences Research Council from 1996-1998. Chief Executive Officer at SA Congress for ECD from 1998 till 2002. Senior Manager for Strategic planning and Support at ETDP SETA from 2003 till 2004 and since 2005 Chief Executive Officer at SA Congress for ECD. Served on South African Council for Educators (2000-2003); ETDP SETA Board from 2000-2003 and then ECD Chamber at ETDP SETA from 2009-2015.

Mr Rej Brijraj

Mr Rej Brijraj Title: Chief Executive Officer Company: South African Council for Educators Sector/s: Basic Education

Mrs Rianette Leibowitz

Mrs Rianette Leibowitz Title: Managing Director Company: SaveTNet Cyber Safety NPC Sector/s: Basic Education Rianette Leibowitz is a professional communicator, as TV and Radio presenter, Activist for SaveTNet, Author of: Not for Sale - Relationships of Influence, Entrepreneur and Accredited Public Relations Professional. Rianette is the founder and spokesperson for SaveTNet, which aims to save lives by creating awareness for responsible digital engagement with an emphasis on relationship management. She presents the Cyber Health Feature on and is on a mission to share the cyber safety message

Carleen King

Carleen King Title: Project Consultant for EDI GUINEA PROJECT Company: United Nations Sector/s: Higher Education Carleen King is an International Advisor and Independent Business and Writing Consultant. Ms. King has owned and operated her own consulting business for eighteen years in the areas of strategic business management, independent paralegal services, event planning/management and fundraising.

Ms Thembikile Ndlovu

Ms Thembikile Ndlovu Title: President Company: SAPA Sector/s: Basic Education & Inclusive Education Thembekile Ndlovu, the principal of Khanyanjalo School in KZN for the past 15 years. The present Chairperson and the President of the South African Principals Association. Have won Gold in the service excellence awards in KZN and Silver Kadar Asmal Excellence Award in the National Teaching Awards in 2013. One of the Adjudicators of the National Teaching Awards for 2015/2016. Presented at the EduWeek Conference in 2015.

Mr. Eugene Matshwane

Mr. Eugene Matshwane Principal - South African National Council for the blind Optima college Previously worked as an ABET instructor in Tshimologo ABET centre for the visually impaired and as an educator for learners with visual impairment in Bartimea school for the deaf and blind. Eugene completed his matric at Bartimea school for the deaf and blind, studied in the university of the Free State for: BA degree; postgraduate certificate in education; honores in professional psychology of education and currently pursuing masters in inclusive education.

Andre Christian

Andre Christian is a passionate educator who moved to the private sector as a way to influence the impact of technology in education. Andre joined Intel after 17 years as an educator to promote Intel’s vision of education transformation through technology adoption across Africa. After 8 successful years at Intel, Andre has moved to Enlight Techno Solutions to assist with creating the right local device and education solutions for learning and teaching in South Africa. Andre has an Honours Degree in Education and several IT qualifications from leading Universities. Andre is also passionate about teacher development and the promotion of education events. He is grateful for the amazing group of students, colleagues and friends that has impacted his life over the years.

Heleen Johnson

Heleen has more than 30 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist. She has worked locally and abroad in the education and health sectors. She currently works full time for Educanda assisting with the development of new products and doing training workshops.