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Technology in education Africa

28 Jul 2017

Technology in Education Africa

Africa is embracing the technology and gearing up for a technological shift within various sectors in the market.

A huge focus has been placed on the continent’s education sector and where technological transformation fits in it. It is evident that we need technology to facilitate education and its standards of deliverance. These standards need to be on par with the rest of the world to have Africa compete globally.

Technology can be used as a tool to leapfrog the sector from where we are lagging in the fundamental infrastructure make-up of this sector.

It is clear that we utilise our environment as learning material for our education. We draw on what we know and teach our children the ins and outs of how the world works with convenient examples neatly laid out in tables, graphs, case studies and scenarios.

We can build on the manner we present this information by utilising technology across the board and effectively implement it without causing a digital disruption in the sector.

Our plans to launch our first EduWeek event to be hosted in the Western Cape, has been based right off the back of the success we gained from our Johannesburg event on the 11th – 13th July 2017. We made our decision to host this event in Cape Town on the 4th & 5th of October at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, following numerous demands and inquiries from the sector to bring the show to the Mother City.

This time around we have condensed our focus areas to cater to the market relevancy of the Western Cape and the status of the education sector. We will be placing a large focus on the incorporation of technology within our classrooms to facilitate inclusive education and advance sustainable education across the province. We explore the process of mapping out our future to aid use of the technological and digital spheres to instigate a culture around maths and science into our curriculum. We will also be acknowledging the digital divide we’re currently experienced by our schools and how we can overcome this.

We have seen great potential in entering the Western Cape market and we see this potential in focussing on how we can address the provinces issues within the sector.

We have developed a niche programme where we focused on translating Western Cape’s challenges into an engaging, impactful and innovative two day conference and exhibition show.

Following raving reviews from our Africa TradeXchange summit earlier this month, we have reinvented the programme and are bringing you a more comprehensive two day summit filled with policy level discussions establishing our real world problems and the practical solutions we can use to solve them.

We’re invested in education and the role it plays in our society. We have identified the need for this event in the Western Cape and we are planning on meeting it with ambition, hard-work and becoming the go-to event on every calendar – setting the trend of future events to come.

We welcome you to come and engage, share ideas, build partnerships and be part of the event that’s going to transform the face of Africa’s education.

Keep visiting our site for more updates on the event or alternatively sign up for our mailer for more details. 


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