EduWeek: A year in review

As we bid farewell to 2017, it is only fitting that we reflect on some of our highlights of the year that has been.

The EduWeek event has had the privilege of growing from strength to strength in the past 11 years, for which we are thankful to all our partners, stakeholders as well as our contributors to its immense success. Thankfully we can attribute 2017 to another year of growth and success to our fight in improving one of the core sectors of our global society. Continue reading

With World Read Aloud Day rolling around on the 1st of February, it was only fitting we had a look at the benefits of reading aloud.

We focus on the READ Educational Trust’s campaign to raise awareness around reading aloud and how this can improve the literacy rates of children and strengthen their vocabulary. With their exciting new Read Aloud Magic box sets, we are sure this new approach to reading will be a family favourite. Continue reading

Exhibitors Blog: SchoolAdvisor 

A Digital Learning Platform that Adapts to Any School Environment (Case Study)

I’m guessing that not even two of your learners will use exactly the same techniques when doing homework or studying for an exam. Learners have their own learning style. Taking this into account, the art of teaching becomes very complex (as you know). How do you teach each learner individually when you are only one person in a room full of learners? Continue reading

Exhibitors Blog: Snapplify

Bringing Purpose Back to the Classroom

Snapplify’s Edtech Teacher Stephen Bestbier encourages educators to reflect on the reasons we teach

Before joining Snapplify, I was a teacher for 14 years. At the beginning of each year, as my high school English students took to their seats and stared up at me, waiting for instruction, I would ask them, ‘What are we doing in this class? What are we learning this year?’  Continue reading

2017 Education Trends in a Nutshell

With 2018 well on its way we took to Bizcommunity to see what happened in 2017, they wrote an article listing all the top trending news in education throughout 2017. It was a year with a lot of ups and downs for education, but nevertheless, the matriculates come out on top with a pass rate of 75.1% and #Feesmustfall was brought to the government’s attention. Continue reading

Industry 4.0 – Is Africa ready?

The term came up for the first time in 2013 and is a logical consequence of the advance in technology Mankind has been experiencing since the new millennium but, also due to the increasing demand for consumer products at lower prices and therefore, more efficient manufacturing. Continue reading

Industry 4.0 challenges within education

The new term in town has come up quite frequently this past year, the fourth industrial revolution or commonly known as Industry 4.0. So what is the fuss all about? To answer that, we first need to know what Industry 4.0 is. Continue Reading

Exhibitors Blog: SchoolAdvisor

Copy Type Toshiba - Win a Lenovo for your classroom and/or to Netflix and chill

As part of their launch into the world of social media, Copy Type – Toshiba will be giving away a Lenovo Tablet to a school staff member. In order to qualify, simply like their brand new Facebook page and follow their brand new Twitter page. Continue reading

Exhibitors Blog: SchoolAdvisor

CeeBee Debt Management - 5 Documents Needed to successfully obtain school fees

Schools face many difficulties when trying to get parents to pay school fees. Because this is such a big issue for South African schools, debt collection experts, CeeBee Debt ManagementServices (Pty) Ltd have provided us with important information on how to get parents to pay school fees.  Continue reading